Hi. Welcome to the first post of a shiny new blog — a place to share thoughts on design, technology and things in between.

I'm not much of a writer, but for a little while now I've wanted somewhere to file my thoughts and ideas. Too often my notes get lost, pictures forgotten and good conversations left in the pub. I'm hoping from now on this site will go some way to stopping that from happening.

These are the kind of things I'm likely to cover…

  • Things I learn going about my business as a graphic/interaction designer
  • Failures, successes
  • Interesting events & exhibitions I visit
  • Interesting people and projects I encounter
  • Industry and peer opinion
  • Things I write about on Twitter that naturally outgrow 140 characters
  • Ideas and creativity in general
  • New projects I complete

Anyway, rather than me waffle on, I'll let my future posts do the talking.

Published 11 years ago