I've made some t-shirts based on one of my Moving gif animations. They're available now in white and four other colours.

Cube flow t-shirts

The Cube Flow t-shirts seen above are screen printed on soft, organic cotton and will be available for purchase for the next fortnight through Everpress. They are available in women's and men's fits in a wide range of sizes and will ship worldwide. There's just one important thing to note…

I need to reach a minimum number of orders by Oct 25th for the t-shirts to get screen printed.

This is because Everpress works a bit like Kickstarter – nothing is produced until enough orders go through in a given time frame. So, if you're into t-shirts featuring cubes in various states of rotation, please order via the links below.

Update – These t-shirts are all sold out now I'm afraid. Contact me or follow the links below if you're interested in me printing a new run.

Cube flow tee – Colours
Cube flow tee – White

Cube flow in white

Cube flow tee in white.

Thanks for looking and if you think others might like these t-shirts, sharing, tweeting, etc is much appreciated.✌️

Published 6 years ago