I need your help

Well, not me personally. But I need you to help me to help others. If you can, lend me a moment and I'll try to be brief.

This story involves my lovely Dad, a smart and wonderful man. Admittedly I would say that, I'm biased. But really, he was. So clever, so bright, so full of life. That's him below.

Picture of my dad

In November last year, life in our family carried on pretty much as usual, everything was fine, ticking along.

Until suddenly it wasn't.

It went something like this.

  • Late November 2017 – Pub lunch, a couple of pints and good laughs with Dad, in great humour as usual.
  • December 2017 – A call from dad, he's got pancreatic cancer.
  • January 2018 – It's inoperable and terminal. It's unclear how long he has left.
  • February 20th 2018 – Dad breathes his last.

I don't mean to shock and I'm not looking for sympathy, but I wanted to share the truth of how brutal and unexpected such things can be. And as a family it's incredibly hard to cope and look after your loved one without help, especially in the latter stages.

For us, this help came in the form of St. Margaret's Hospice. Amazing people, giving everything to help people like dad get every last bit of value out of what remains of their shortened lives.

My brother and I are supporting St Margaret's, cycling 100 miles next month in my dad's memory.

My ask

I'm asking you to contribute whatever you can to our fundraiser. I would never normally ask publicly for sponsorship, but this is different, it's really important. St. Margarets have limited financial support and need charitable donations like ours to continue helping people like our Dad. So if it means asking more widely, so be it. Whatever it takes to help.

As shit as it is, the kind of thing that happened to Dad could happen to any of us, at any time. We can't live in fear of this, but we can support the wonderful people who are there should we ever need them.

Pledge your support

Thank you.

❤️ 🙏