Recent­ly viewed — No. 1

I’ve decided to write occasional round ups of the things I’ve been browsing, watching, reading, listening to, etc lately.

This is in part inspired by Chris’ Things I have Faved, but it’s also something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. I’m keen to do some simple publishing on the web away from all the ads and algorithmic crap that get in the way seemingly everywhere else.

For now I’m calling this Recently Viewed. I had thought to make it weekly but I know from past experience that imposing frequency on myself doesn’t encourage me to write.

Instead this’ll be semi-regular, probably like every couple of weeks or so, but basically when I feel like it or have enough stuff of interest to be worth sharing.

Anyway, let’s go...


I’m currently 7 episodes deep into a 10 part documentary on Netflix, The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. It’s such fantastic, detailed documentary making, informative and poignant. I’m enjoying being schooled on a topic I thought I knew a reasonable bit about. Also great soundtrack from Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross.

Rewatched Hannah Gadsby's Nanette. So very good, watch it if you haven't.

Started well, but I've been cringing a bit too hard while watching Killing Eve and not sure I'll finish it. It treads an awkward line between drama and comedy and not in a particularly good way.

Trust is great though – Donald Sutherland (who knew he was still alive!) is amazing as J. Paul Getty Sr. Also, surprisingly enjoying The Cry so far. Probably showing my age.


I waste far too much of my life on Instagram and it probably needs to stop, but until then, some recent finds and favourites:

Elsewhere, good to see the new Cargo launch. Good for non-builders to make portfolios.

Sony following in Nintendo's footprints with the Playstation Classic mini console. Might have to introduce my kids to Wipeout :)

Craft CMS is easily my web publishing tool of choice (and has a lovely new site, but Sev made me aware of a thing called Statamic. Admittedly the design and pseudo funny copy's a bit grim, but as a product it looks really interesting - it sits somewhere between a static site generator like Jekyll and a proper CMS like Craft. Most notably it does not require a database. I must have a play/explore and see what it can do.


Sam Harris speaking to Yuval Noah Harari on his great Waking Up podcast. This follows the release of Harari's new book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Keen to read that, having really enjoyed Sapiens and Homo Deus.

This Song Exploder with Héloïse Letissier aka Christine & The Queens is a good one. Hrishikesh Hirway does a great job of this podcast generally. But I do wish there were more artists that aligned with my tastes on there.

Listening to a fair bit of the new-ish Aphex Twin and have Big Red Machine on a loop.

Went to see Rival Consoles at EartH in Dalston. Cool little venue and a good night (with pretty decent visuals) but it didn’t quite hit the spot for me live. Shame.

Really hoping Bicep will deliver next month at Printworks. Can't get enough of their sound, makes me feel like a teenager.



I’m currently working at lovely little start up, Trouva designing and testing a bunch of new prototypes with them to help drive and clarify a new strategy. Been freelance there about 6 weeks. Fun, challenging work with nice people. Should keep me busy for a few more weeks, maybe months to come.

Also been doing some little bits and pieces for longstanding friends and clients, Airside Nippon and Malika Favre.

Other stuff...

I’m thinking about rebooting my online shop after having a bit of a half-hearted go a few years ago. Got some ideas for a few prints. More on that soon maybe.

Recently started cobbling together my own bookmarking system having got fed up with all the other ones. I've realised I've got specific wants of this sort of thing that I'm hoping to mess about with when I have time. It's really simple and pretty empty right now.

Also pleased to have got hold of once again. This was the first domain I ever owned back in the late 90s, but I stupidly let it expire and someone snagged it (presumably another Guy Moorhouse?) from under me. Anyway, chuffed to have it back. Not really sure why and not planning to do anything with it particularly.

Off to Space Shifters at the Hayward the week after next. Looking forward to that. Then off to Copenhagen later this month with my son. Cheers for all the tips on where to go btw.

But before all that, this weekend I've got a 100 odd mile bike ride to contend with for this. Many thanks to many of you once again for the generous sponsorship.

Anyway, until the next one. 👨🏻‍💻