Recent­ly viewed — No. 2

A round up of things that have recently caught my attention, and a short update on some of the things I've been up to lately.


Two Types, the Faces of Britain, about Gill and Johnston typefaces. Feels a bit cringeworthy at the beginning, but stick with it, it's quite insightful and interesting about the history and ubiquity of those two faces in the UK. Thankfully there's not too much insight on Eric Gill's amorous relationship with his dog. (If that BBC link doesn't work for you, try this one on You Tube.)

I mainly spent my time crying watching this marine overcome Parkinson's tremors. So nice seeing technology having a positive impact.

It also reminded me of Emma, a graphic designer on BBC's Big Life Fix a little while back who overcame her tremors. Also great and really worth a watch.

I was wrong about Killing Eve in my last round up. We stuck with it and it's actually pretty great. I was kind of reading it wrong. Taken as a fantastical, black comedy, it works. And Jodie Comer is really very good.

Finally finished the Vietnam documentary. Such epic film-making, very emotional in parts.

I'm now deep into HBO series Sharp Objects directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. It's got such a great, dark atmosphere, Amy Adams is fantastic. Soundtrack is also brilliant and opened my ears to this synth beauty, Black Screen that I somehow missed from LCD's last album.

Also Louis Theroux' new Altered States series is well worth a watch. So far really good ones on polyamory, choosing death and open adoption.

If you're interested in North Korea, there's a great little insightful documentary from Louis Theroux’ brother, Marcel — Unreported World – North Korea. Nothing hugely new uncovered, but the video gives a more detailed view than I've seen before.


Piano Genie, an intelligent controller that maps 8-button input to a full 88-key piano in real time. If that makes no sense to you, just try it in the browser (desktop only)

Playing around with Netlify – love how easy it is to set up and deploy a static site. Makes me also want to get my head into Gatsby JS and have more of a play with React for making prototypes.

A great one for map nerds, OneSoil.

Another in-browser audio sequencer. is kind of fun.

Some weirdness picked up via illustrator Petra Eriksson's interview on, Hey Stranger made me lol, but is also kind of weirdly poignant.

Should you find the selection of available emoji too small to express your mood, build your own.


Highlight since the last Recently viewed is definitely Jacque Greene's new one, Fever Focus. Have also been enjoying a bit of Ross from Friends and the new one from Matthew Dear

Also added to my starred playlist, Dolphin from Panda Bear and this new Chromatics beauty, Camera.

Can't get enough of Sampha's voice on Close But Not Quite by Everything is Recorded. Got some amazing motown feel happening in the chorus too.

I went to see Bicep last week at Printworks in London. Best gig I've been to in a long, long time. They are so good live, really recommended.


21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari, which is so far as great and full of insight as I'd hope.

Depressingly related is this NYT article outlining how the creators of a lot of the mess we're in, paradoxically also love Harari's work and it's critique of them and their Silicon Valley ways.

Late to this great little Google post on the principles behind motion in interface design.

After the Instagram founders leaving and now when one of the earliest employees deletes the app, it's probably a fair sign it's headed in a bad direction. Quitting Instagram: She’s one of the millions disillusioned with social media. But she also helped create it. from the Washington Post.

This from Ben Terrett on user needs vs societal needs in design is really great — Adding value by adding Values. (and congrats to you as well Ben).

What I've been up to..

I'm still at Trouva helping them prototype some new things and helping them establish the beginnings of a design system. If you don't know Trouva, it's a great little London start up seeking to change retail by helping independent shops take their goods online. You can read a bit more about Trouva here.

My old boss from Airside days, Fred does live audio for a great little improvisation duo called Project 2. I've contributed some animation for the live visuals during a new show they have called, Thirteen Cycles.

Development of my (v2) online shop is underway. I'm using the fifth day of the week I don't work at Trouva to get moving on this. I've designed a couple of prints and just want to get a couple more together. Planning to open things up early in the new year. If you're interested in this sort of thing, you can sign up to be notified about it.

Did a short interview to put together a video playlist for, which was fun.

Went on a brilliant trip to Copenhagen with my son. Thanks for all the brilliant recommendations on Twitter. This deserves a post of its own, but my highlights were - Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (my new absolute favourite place), the Experimentarium and Mad + Kaffe for excellent food.

A project I worked on a couple of years ago, Joto, looks close to shipping.

Anyway, until the next one. 👨🏻‍💻