Recent­ly viewed — No. 3

A small round up of things that have recently caught my attention.


Finished Sharp Objects. Wow, so good. I don't want to say too much as it'd be easy to slip into spoiler territory, but this is a great series. Heavy and pretty dark which is good if that’s your thing too.

The Let Down on Netflix is a good Aussie comedy series that will appeal to new parents. Gets a bit needy in parts, but generally pretty good.

Hell yes — The story behind the Voyager satellite leaving our solar system and entering the void of deep space and the people who made her.

Fantastic Kate Bush doc. She’s just so damn great. Love her talent and composure. The way she keeps herself to herself and quietly puts out amazing things. I've so often revisited her stuff over the years.

Manhunt on ITV was unexpectedly really good. A three-parter about the hunt for Millie Dowler’s killer, Levi Bellfield. Tense.

The recent Bicep show @ Printworks I banged on about in the last instalment is up on Resident Advisor. Very good.


Who owns England by Anna Powell-Smith is great. She's mapped all the areas of England where ownership is not accounted for. Fascinating.

Izzy Wheels – if you can’t stand up, stand out.

Spot the woman in this Rob Bailey illustration.

I’m late to the party in signing up to Letterboxd. A great social network centred round cinema and film discovery. An example of one of those products you’ve been waiting for that you then uncover.

In case you missed it, Squarespace's branding by DIA. Really great stuff.

Some great updates to Open Foundry from International Magic. A good place to go to find curated, quality free fonts.

This technical case study from Active Theory on the Spotify Wrapped 2018 thing is worth a read if you're a nerd for code and visuals like me.

Other stuff...

Just as all the porn gets banned, I’ve dusted off my old Tumblr. No correlation there :p

Been securing Malika Favre’s site and giving it some much needed https/SSL. Gotta love those padlocks 🔒

My webshop’s getting closer. Sign up for a discount code when it opens. Or don't if you don't want to.

I'm voting with my feet and have moved back to Firefox as my default browser. The web needs more diversity and one dominant browser by that company beginning with G is not a good thing. Firefox has better privacy built in too.

Went to The Sun exhibition at the Science Museum recently with my kids before we all went back to school/work. Really good little show. Recommended. ☀️

Hope your 2019’s got off to a good start. I’m feeling really good about the year ahead. Finding my daily Calm app ritual pretty good for squashing any looming worry or anxiety. And let’s face it we all need whatever help we can get in this cesspool of Trump and Brexit...

Anyway! Until the next one. 👨🏻‍💻