An interactive installation for the Walker Art Gallery

Insyde was one of the first projects I worked on at Airside.

It is a massive crate containing an interactive forest full of playful, otherworldly creatures that we dropped into an otherwise sedate and quite traditional art gallery.

Visitors to the installation enter the crate and lure out the forest’s otherworldly inhabitants by 'stepping into the light'.

Visitors’ movements trigger different animations and sequences. It was kind of like a little puzzle. In discovering how you should interact, the pay off is the response — colourful animations and creatures that move in step with you and respond to you.

It was a hit with pretty much everyone from toddlers through to pensioners. A couple of autistic children took particular delight in it — a kind of therapy through sound and animation.

My role was the development of the installation, using code to trigger and control animations as users interact. This involved lots of prototyping and iteration with Matt Brown who put together the hardware and Fred Deakin who was in charge of audio.