I have upcoming availability for a new freelance design contract from April.

The basics

  • Available from April
  • 3–4 days per week to play with
  • Seeking small teams at early stage start-ups
  • Contactable at guy@futurefabric.co

What can I do for you?

I am a freelance designer and a kind of deep generalist across my skillset — I blend a mix of design, branding, front-end development, prototyping, motion and 3D. Which normally makes me most useful to small orgs that are in their early stages of invention and working out what they need to become. After 20 years, I still very much work with my hands, having decided to remain an individual contributor.

I usually work directly with founders at small companies and early stage start-ups, designing and prototyping for new products and websites.

Things I've worked on before

For a bit more context on the kind of things I've worked on, check out my portfolio, but here's a few highlights from over the years:

  • Virgin Atlantic – Designing and prototyping an in-flight entertainment system for a transatlantic airline with Airside.
  • GOV.UK – Working as part of the founding design team at the Government Digital Service to take GOV.UK from Beta to Live and beyond.
  • SuperHi – Creating and designing a subscription-based creative coding course for an online code school.
  • Headspace – Creating calming animations for a global mindfulness company.

Most recently I've been helping out AI start-up Adept, art directing and creating a visual language for them in 3D as well as designing and building their new website.

I have also worked with established companies including Meta, Google and the BBC and have also helped many start-ups and scale-ups, including but not limited to: Fable, Boords, Easol, Bulb Energy, Trouva, Unmade and Breakroom.

If my experience sounds like a good fit for a possible project you may have, please get in touch – it'd be great to hear from you!

Cheers for reading,

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Published 11 days ago