April / May ’24

A 3D render from my work for Adept


No big updates here. My work with Adept is close to wrapping for the time being and I'm still scouring the economic wasteland for new projects.

If you think you might have a project that would be a good fit for us to work on together, please read on. I'd love to hear from you.

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Pieces for NYT Games

On the side

I've been developing a little exploratory prototype of a new daily game called Pieces.

After a bit of initial iteration on it, it occurred to me it could be a really nice addition to the NYT Games suite (which I'm a huge fan of), so I've made a skinned version of it for that as a demo. If you're interested, read more about it on this dedicated page.

Swanage Beach


Had a magic week with the fam down in Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck at the start of Easter. It was a bit overcast and drizzly, but so good to get some time away and great to get plenty of decent walking and cycling in.

Reading — Exhalation by Ted Chiang
Watching — Ripley
Listening — Set Me Free by PROM

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February / March ’24

A 3D render from my work for Adept


My work with AI start up, Adept will reach a natural pause soon. Excitingly, this means I now have some availability for a new freelance contract.

If you think you might have something that I'd be suited to, please read on and get in touch.

On the side

I've been editing and sending my newsletter Converge for just over 18 months now. It's an occasional newsletter with a selection of curated, interesting links for creative folks. You can have a poke about over on its dedicated site

I'm also playing about with the OpenAI API seeing what I can learn from some prompt engineering. Code as material and all that, see what I discover through making and iterating.

The Anomaly


For the past few years I've read nothing but non-fiction. But I've realised I'm really missing good storytelling and how that can feed back into your creativity. So now I'm on nothing but fiction for 2024. The Anomaly is excellent so far, thanks to Jez for the tip.

Reading — The Anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier
Watching — Love on the Spectrum
Listening — 80HD by Pocket

January / February ’24

A 3D render from my work for Adept


I'm still consulting with Adept, mainly helping design and build out their marketing website, but also with prototyping and product design.

And I'm still trucking on this portfolio site, trying my best to get it over the line and live, and am pleased to have finally got it live. Still lots more to do like adding missing projects, better photographs and so on, but feels good to get the core of it done.

My Maschine and Lumi keys set up

On the side

Beyond the little soundtracks I've made for my Loopers animations series, I've not pushed music-making as much as I'd like. Mainly because time. Three kids and all that.

To give myself parameters, my main focus atm is finding nice chord sequences and then pairing those with drum patterns I'm making on the MK3. Moog Model D plugin is giving me good synths too.

A photograph from the UVA Synchronicity show


Since the last update I finally went to see UVA’s Synchronicity show at 180 Strand. It finishes soon — definitely go if you get the chance.

Reading — Prophet Song by Paul Lynch
Watching — World War II: From the Frontlines
Listening — Current 20

December ’23 / January ’24

Google Arts & Culture logo


I've just finished a nice stint designing + prototyping for Google Arts & Culture and am now back consulting with the lovely team at San Francisco AI start up, Adept.

I'm also doing some exploratory design research for The Modern House.

My Unity prototype

On the side

I'm compiling the next issue of Converge and have been tinkering about in Unity making prototypes for iOS, with the help of ChatGPT.

I'm also still trying to learn how to use the Maschine and dabbling a bit with the piano and keys.

My family in Moraira Spain


I'm not long back from a wonderful family holiday in Xàbia, Spain. Feeling very grateful for some time away, especially before the UK winter hits.

Reading — The Creative Act by Rick Rubin
Watching — Aftersun
Listening — These Days by Dejector