Animation studio design direction

2021–2022   ↗

Animade is an animation studio working with clients including Apple, Netflix, Figma and Lego. I worked with founders, Tom Judd and Ed Barrett to help create a new design direction for the studio's website.

Animade's website on both desktop and mobile

Animade is an animation and design studio based in London working globally with industry leading clients. Founders Tom Judd and Ed Barrett brought me in to reimagine the studio’s website, building on branding work completed shortly before by Studio Koto. Over the last quarter of 2019 and the start of 2020, we worked together to design a completely new web presence aimed at bringing the character of the studio to life while ensuring it’s projects and portfolio took centre stage.

Animade's website laid out in Figma

This involved weekly sprints of sketching, design and front-end prototyping. Ultimately collaborating with front-ender, Max Murdoch who took care of the development of the site.


Design direction and prototyping by Guy Moorhouse, 2021 Designed in collaboration with Tom Judd and Ed Barrett at Animade. Website build by Max Murdoch.