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Converge is a free occasional newsletter I compile, edit and despatch every one to two months. Featuring interesting links in design, creativity, the web and beyond, it's a way for me to gather and share remarkable things I find online.

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I’ve always enjoyed sharing interesting things I discover online. It was the discovery of a whole world of weird internet back in the early 2000s that inspired me to learn to design and build for it myself. And I think it’s good and important to share interesting things with others – it’s a part of how we learn and progress. This newsletter is essentially an extension of that really. With the added benefit of also giving me permanent bookmarks of the things I discover.


There was a time when I would have shared my discoveries and personal projects purely on social media, but I’ve become increasingly jaded with that space. Ads, misinformation, politics and egotistical founders have all played their part in destroying the social web. So with this newsletter, I’ve returned to what I did in the early days, building things myself and seeking to better own and manage content.

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