Client summary

As a complement to my portfolio, this is a quick no-nonsense sample of a selection of clients I’ve worked with and what I did for them. This is not totally exhaustive, but gives a fairly good overview.


2023–24 (Ongoing)
Shaping the look and personality of an AI start up

Adept is building a machine learning model that can interact with everything on your computer. Essentially using AI to improve the way you work.

I was brought on board by the Head of Design to create a brand language and website for the start up. As the company had not long been formed, this involved working from scratch to imagine and create a flexible and scalable visual language. Sketching, designing in Figma and ultimately modelling and rendering in Cinema 4D, I created a series of 3D illustrations and animations to help convey the machinery of AI in an abstract, yet tactile way. I also sketched, wireframed and designed the website, going on to build it using the very excellent Astro.

Beyond my work on the brand and website, I’ve also helped design and prototype experimental AI products and features for Adept alongside the nascent design team there.


Bringing art and culture to a global audience

Google Arts & Culture is an online platform aimed at making the world’s cultural heritage accessible to everyone, anywhere.

I was brought in by the Google Arts & Culture team for a period of just under 6 months to help them with a series of interactive prototypes. While I can’t talk about this project in any detail due to an NDA, I can talk about how I worked. In the main I operated as small design studio of one, having weekly meetings with the team before then going away to work on the prototypes alone. I would then present these back to the team and iterate based on their feedback and guerrilla research.

I emphasised the need to work with real data throughout and in collaboration with the team, was able to extract JSON feeds of data that I could then wire up to a custom front-end I built using Next.js.


Helping people get a better deal at work

Breakroom exists to help workers get the best possible job and pay they can with the skills they have.

I worked with the start up over a 12 month period as a consulting lead designer helping the founders grow the team and product. My work was broad and included everything from product design and front-end development to helping art direct an illustration style for the brand, ultimately recommending and hiring an illustrator to help bring the brand to life. I collaborated daily with engineers, fellow designers and the founders to help shape the product and brand.

During my time with Breakroom, I also worked with the CEO on some very targeted design work to help move metrics in the right direction in order to secure a Series A funding round.


Simplifying storyboarding for creative teams

Boords is a storyboarding tool that helps creative teams work together to make storyboards for video and animation projects.

I was brought in by CEO, James Chambers to help reimagine the Boords brand and marketing website. Over a 4–6 month period, James and I collaborated to create a new brand language, with a focus on making the product more accessible and friendlier to a wider audience, including broader applications of the brand language across product and marketing materials like stationery, clothing and other merch.

Boords needed to have a greater visual appeal for the film-makers, videographers and other creatives that make up the core part of it’s target user base. Two component parts of the redesign, a reimagined logotype and a series of simple illustrations, helped underpin this and aided in bringing life and energy to the ambitious start up’s perceived personality. I helped establish a brand design system to document the new look and feel as well as creating the beginnings of a product design system the in-house design team could use to help move the UI and flows of the product in a unified visual direction.

Bulb energy

Supporting green energy and renewables

Bulb Energy was a UK renewable energy supplier (that unfortunately went into administration as a result of the energy crisis.)

I was brought in by the Head of Content at a time of growth when they were looking to recruit more staff. Over a six-month period, I designed, prototyped and built a careers microsite for them. I also consulted with the the Bulb for Business team, leading a number of design sprints and workshops to help them improve their product offering and sign up conversion.


Making an animation studio website a bit more characterful

Animade is an animation and design studio in London working with companies like Apple, Netflix, Figma and Lego.

Founders Tom Judd and Ed Barrett brought me in to reimagine the studio’s website, building on branding work completed shortly before by Studio Koto. Over the last quarter of 2019 and the start of 2020, we worked together to design a completely new web presence aimed at bringing the character of the studio to life while ensuring it’s projects and portfolio took centre stage.

This involved weekly sprints of sketching and design, front-end prototyping and collaborating with front-ender, Max Murdoch who I brought in to help with the development of the site.


Bringing transparency to in-app advertising

I worked with Facebook over a 12 month period, prototyping and designing tools for publishers to be able to better understand how their advertising performed in the Facebook ecosystem. This involved leading design sprints, observing and documenting many rounds of user research, as well as working with and pushing the Facebook design system to ensure the tools were consistent with the rest of the platform.

During this contract, there was some travel to Menlo Park in California to work with the US team there.


Reducing textile waste

Unmade reduces waste in the fashion industry by enabling the customisation of knitwear.

I consulted with them to help design a knitwear customisation and e-commerce platform. This involved creating and testing a series of prototypes to enable customers to personalise their own knitwear in the browser using WebGL. I subsequently lead the in-house design team in the build of a B2C website to showcase Unmade’s ground-breaking technology.

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