Storyboard start-up design & branding


Boords is a storyboarding tool that helps creative teams work together to make storyboards for video and animation projects. The CEO, James Chambers approached me to help develop a visual language and website for the company to help move it forward into the next decade.


Over a 4–6 month period, James and I collaborated to create a new brand language, with a focus on making the product more accessible and friendlier to a wider audience, including broader applications of the brand language across product and marketing materials like stationery, clothing and other merch.

Boords branding examples

Boords needed to have a greater visual appeal for the film-makers, videographers and other creatives that make up the core part of it’s target user base. Two component parts of the redesign, a reimagined logotype and a series of simple illustrations, helped underpin this and aided in bringing life and energy to the ambitious start up’s perceived personality.

Boords t-shirts

I helped establish a brand design system to document the new look and feel as well as creating the beginnings of a product design system the in-house design team could use to help move the UI and flows of the product in a unified visual direction.

The full Boords branding system

The full Boords branding system


I collaborated with Boords CEO, James Chambers on this project in 2021.I was responsible for creating the branding, logotype, website design and marketing materials.