Characterful animations


Loopers is an ongoing series of animated characters I have created. An imaginary world of geometric, stackable faces that exist in pleasing and infinitely looping scenarios.


The aim is to create a playful, but thought-provoking universe, in which the characters perfectly suit their surroundings and fit neatly into the bounds of real world physics, kinetics and cause and effect.

Each loop has an audio track which sits somewhere between soundtrack and sound effects. I create these using Auxy or Garageband on the iPad. It’s a lot of fun working things out so you correctly marry up the fps of the animation to the beats and bars of the audio.


Design, modelling, animation and rendering by Guy Moorhouse.
Created with Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Octane, After Effects, Media Encoder and Auxy.
The best place to see the latest additions to this series is on Instagram or Threads.